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The Adrian community is very proud of its school. The goal of Adrian ISD is to provide the best education for students. In order to do this, there are high expectations for all students. Adrian ISD is fortunate at this time to be able to allow students that live outside the school district boundaries to transfer into the district at no charge. With that privilege comes certain expectations. The Adrian ISD reserves the right to accept or reject any transfer student(s). The undersigned acknowledges by their signatures that they understand this. The undersigned has applied for admission of one or more students to Adrian ISD and represents that each student qualifies, under Texas law, for admission into Adrian ISD public school. The undersigned represents that all information provided to Adrian ISD is true and correct and acknowledges that any misrepresentation is subject to criminal prosecution. Upon admission into the Adrian ISD public school, the undersigned acknowledges the following:

  1. Transfer students entering Adrian ISD public school are required to follow all rules and regulations of the district and the campus, including, but not limited to requirements found in the Student Code of Conduct, the student handbook, state attendance requirements, and school board policy (FDA). Students are required to participate and complete at least 2 extracurricular activities each school year.
  2. Re-approval of a current student’s transfer status for the next succeeding year may be denied to a student with more than three (3) discipline referrals for minor offenses or on (1) discipline referral for a major offense or to a student who failed to meet the district’s attendance standard or was habitually truant. A transfer can also be denied due to a lack of academic effort, lack of academic attitude, lack of academic performance (grades, STAAR, or EOC Tests), and/or lack of extracurricular involvement.
  3. Adrian ISD will not provide transportation services to transfer students unless the student meets the bus at the bus stop on an established route.
  4. Transfer students entering Adrian ISD public school from an accredited public, private, or parochial school are required to provide evidence of such prior schooling. Transfer students will be placed initially at the grade level reached elsewhere, pending observation and results of tests that may be administered by appropriate district personnel, the principal will determine the final grade placement. An “accredited” school will be defined as accreditation by TEA, an equivalent agency from another state, or an accrediting association recognized by the commissioner of education.
  5. Transfer students entering Adrian ISD public school from non-accredited public, private, or parochial schools, including home schools will be placed initially at the discretion of the principal, pending observation by classroom teacher(s) and guidance personnel. Criteria for final grade placement may include
    1. Scores on achievement test(s), which may be administered by appropriate district personnel.
    2. Recommendation of the sending school.
    3. Prior academic record.
    4. Chronological age and social and emotional development of the student.
    5. Other criteria deemed appropriate by the principal.
  6. Transfer students from non-accredited public, private, or parochial schools will be required to validate high school credit for courses by testing or evidence that courses meet state board requirements and standards.

The undersigned agrees to follow all the guidelines and requirements of transfer students that come into Adrian ISD public school and failure to follow these guidelines and requirements will subject the student to exclusion from the Adrian ISD public school.

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I understand that failure to provide full and accurate information may result in the transfer request being denied or rescinded. By submitting this application you are verifying that all information in this application is accurate. The submission also authorizes the release of the applicant's academic and personal data for the purposes of determining acceptance to the Adrian Independent School district.

Transfer Agreement

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